Can't create new posts - Infinite 403s in console

Issue Summary

I am unable to create a new post and I cannot change the components on a page.

The page console creates an infinitely repeating loop of 403 errors that absolutely destroys the PC CPU.

I tried refreshing, hard refreshing, killing local server, restarting PC, clearing cookies, etc.

The site previously worked fine, and as far as I know, nothing major changed. Since it last worked.

Troubleshooting Questions

Seems to happen on just this site.


I don’t know how to reproduce this problem.

System Details

Version of Local

  • 6.4.2+6012

Operating System

  • Windows 10

Attached Local Log

The problem was an invalid cookie and I tried logging out and in to WP admin and everything worked. Would be nice if WP would just tell me rather than logging an infinite number of errors in console and crashing everything while failing silently, but that’s out of scope for local WP.

Hi @justingolden -

Thank you for sharing the solution that worked for you!

We appreciate you :slight_smile:

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

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