Can't create new sites or migrate old sites since updating

The issue:
If I try to pull a site down from my flywheel server to local, I get “Uh-oh! Error pulling site. We ran into an issue pulling from Flywheel. If this problem persists please contact”. When I click okay, I get this error when trying to load the site: " This site can’t be reached

agri-partners.local refused to connect.


Create a new site:
When I try to create a brand new site using Local I get this error: "Error Installing WordPress for New Testing Site
“app/public/wp-includes/version.php does not exist.”
When I click okay, I get an error at the top of the local site that says Error! WordPress installation failed.

Trying to migrate a site from Local Sites folder
After uninstalling and reinstalling Local from the 2.4.1 release, I was no longer connected to any sites in my Local Sites folder. So I follow the steps in [How to Import a WordPress Site into Local]

The site appears to install okay, but I get the following error when trying to access it:

This site can’t be reached

agri-partners-inc.local refused to connect.


Also, when I hover over the push/pull to flywheel options, it tells me “Connect to Flywheel does not support:
Sites without WordPress installed”

It seems as if Local is unusable for me and any help on getting this issue fixed would be greatly appreciated. I running MacOS Sierra and Local by Flywheel version 2.4.2.