Can't delete a site I have created

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I am trying to delete a site I created so I can just start from the beginning fresh and new, which I have done multiple time with other sites I have created before, but now suddenly I am receiving an error message that says “Folder Access Denied: You’ll need to provide administrator permission to delete this file”… so I click on the the link to give permission and like 10 seconds later the same message pops up. This loop has been going on now for at least 10 clicks (give or take a few) so I am not sure what is going on. Same thing happened when I tried to delete it last night and thought maybe if I just closed it all down and tried again later it would correct itself and move forward, but it hasn’t.
What am I missing here???

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scratch that… for some reason it just now finally deleted… weird

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Glad to hear it started working for you @katie09! Sounds like maybe something was stuck or hung up there that finally clicked. :green_heart:

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