Can't Find Windows Version

Hi, I’ve reviewed the directions for finding the version of Local in Windows but the “About Local” option isn’t available, there’s only “Help” in that section. What does that mean?

If I need to do a manual update of Local, can I safely do that without risking problems with existing WordPress installs?

Strangely, this morning I was prompted to update Local (the first time I’ve done so in my memory) and now I see the About item

Hey @mrwweb, that’s odd that there’s no “About Local” menu item. It should appear in the top-left windows menu. Would you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing / not seeing and post it here for us to try to diagnose the problem? Thanks!

@flycrum Looks like you missed the second post I made. After updating to 2.4.1 (and then also 2.4.2 the following day), it’s back now.

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