Cant get to login on my local testwebsite

Hi There,
I have a problem :wink: I have load my website from de updraft plus backup to flywheel.
I put in a name for the site en also the admin login.

Now I want to view the site and in the browser I see first the name that I give the site in flywheel but after that the brower bring me to to live internet site.

wen I klik on the admin button in flywheel it bring my whit a redirect to my live internet site again.
See te link there :

If I login with the credentials of the test site a get a error. If a login whit the credentials of my live website I get into the live website.

How can I get into the test website in flywheel to test php7 version.

I also klik on the trust button for ssl in flywheel, my live website have a ssl certificaat.

I follow the youtube video
Upgrade WordPress to PHP 7+ | How to Do It Safely :rescue_worker_helmet:️
I’am working on a MacBook Pro latest os version High Sierra 10.13.6

Do I overlook something?

Please help my out how to get to the test site in flywheel.

Regards Pernate