Flywheel Local - Goes to live website

I have local by flywheel running on mac 10.14.6 - and its working I can get a basic wordpress install going


I backed up my live website with updraft and tried to create a local environment but it weirdly redirects to the actual live website in browser not local ?

I gave it a different name - by adding a number onto URL still goes to live site ?

The database you backed up will still contain the live URL.

To fix this, go to the database tab in Local, click “Open Adminer” and find the table wp_options (there may be a random hash in the table name such as wp_enqudfsdf_options). Click “select data”. Here you want to edit the option_value of “siteurl” and “home”. Make sure both of those contain the local URL.

Restart the local site and try to open in an incognito tab (as the live URL redirect could be cached in your browser).

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: