Can't log in to wp-admin -NOTHING WORKS!


I made a copy of my wordpress site to run locally.
The first things is that the only thing that was loaded was the footer of my page, the site is saying ‘Nothing found here’, even though all the site files were loaded and they are present in my site folder under ‘Local sites’ folder created in C:<username>.

I can’t login to the admin page!
I tried with all the admin accounts presented in wp_users table, I changed the passwords, added new admin user, recreated the site again… NO CHANGE AT ALL! I’m just getting ‘unknown username’ error.

Anybody had faced that before?
Any help would be appreciated very much!


Have you resolved this? I got the same issue here, support team haven’t reply yet

Hi there, did you ever get a result from your post?

Since you are getting “something” when viewing the site, that likely means that things are working, however there’s something incomplete with the site.

Some things that come to mind are:

  • Any premium plugins that stop working on a different domain?
  • Any odd errors occur when the database was imported. Something like only part of the DB being imported.
  • Anything notable within the logs? You might examine the Local log, or the php log within the site’s conf folder.

in data base type local admin root password root its work