Can't login to Admin "must login" but no login form

When I click the “Admin” button in Local from a site I’ve pulled down it pops up Safari and a page (http://podsite.local/wp-admin/) that says:

“You must log in to access the admin area.”

there is no login to input credentials, not sure how to solve this

In Local preference i made sure to add a password along with the user name but still get the error.

Using the “View Site” button brings up the site itself just fine.


Hi Todd,

Can you please provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing at /wp-admin?

Also, is this an imported site or a brand new site?

just figured it out, I have a plugin that changes the login url for security

by changing “wp-admin” to what I changed it to it works

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hi I have same issue with imported site , however couldn’t resolve it

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