Can't login when enabling SSL and then changing site URL from http to https

Hi there,

I’m having issues getting the SSL cert to work correctly. I enable it in Local and then I’m able to view the site in https. When try to login at the https wp-admin page however, I’m just redirected back to the login page. No error, just a redirect back to wp-login.php

I’m running the latest version as of today, in default settings on windows 10


Hi @nickp2

What server configuration are you using?

Can you share your Local Log? Retrieving Local’s Log File

Just chiming in to say this is happening to me as well. Fully updated. Tried deleting and redoing. Same thing.

Edit. I guess this is the fix. See here: Unable to login, changing wp-config.php workaround - #34 by Digitalfreak

Thanks @JP2017! If that’s what you’re running into then it’s a known bug our engineers are aware of and working to resolve. We’ll share an update there and a new release when it’s ready.

Hi @nickp2 -

It seems you are running into a similar bug that these users have - please review this topic for a workaround:

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions! :green_heart:


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