Can't run Flywheel Export to move my site to a new computer, is there a way to use the file folder from my computer without exporting to salvage my site?

Hi all - I have an older computer that was on it’s last legs. I had a site on Local by Flywheel but could not get the computer to stay on long enough to run the export function. I was able to snag the actual file folder from my computer. Is there a way to salvage my site with just this folder (without having run the export function in local by flywheel)? Or am I SOL?


Hi Natasha,

Sorry for the trouble!

As long as you have the files in the site’s app directory in addition to SQL files in the site’s app/sql file, you should be in luck.

If that’s the case, you can zip up the app directory and then drag-and-drop it onto Local on your other device (after transferring the zip) to start an import.

Thanks for the response. I might be out of luck. I actually had tried zipping it and uploading but it looks like there is no sql file in the app folder? It has a public folder with a bunch of files. And it gave me an error when trying to upload. Not sure how that happened :frowning: My friend is pulling the files from my computer so I’ll see for sure if maybe I was only able to grab an incomplete set. Otherwise I guess I will rebuild. Super appreciate your response!