Local Sites backup

Hi I had to restore my Mac, I copied the Local Sites folder and I have put it back in the same location Flywheel sets up the local folder.

How do I get local to see the folder and load the sites?


Anyone help with this matter? Thanks

Very sorry for the trouble!

I recommend creating the sites again in Local (make sure the existing site data is backed up so it’s not accidentally overwritten).

After you create the site(s), copy in the site files from before and use Adminer under the Database tab to import the SQL files in the /app/sql directory.

Hi I have copied files from old site to the new installation, I used adminer and imported all sql files. The problem is there are no pages in the the new install. Could you let me know what I need to do thanks

Hi any help on this matter. I haven’t been able to work.


Do you have an up-to-date version of this site running live? Perhaps you could use a plugin to reimport the site into local, I personally use duplicator.

If more than one site, you’d need to do it for each one, and if there have been changes made that are only on local, it’s not much help for those, but would get you up and running again.

But perhaps you could look at updating the folders with your local folder content and merging the databases?

Hi thanks for the reply.
No I do not have any of the sites up and running live. I m really not sure what I need to do. I have hours of work in one of the sites. I have done everything that has been said to me but all pages are missing.


Hi I am still without the site I spent hours on can someone please help me sort this.


Can someone please help!! 2 Sites down and I can’t work!!

I do not have a live site running. Looks like I will have to start from scratch bloody ridiculous!!!

Hi there,

So sorry for missing your recent replies in this thread.

If you don’t mind can you provide the files you tried importing? The best way to send them is to use something like Dropbox/Google Drive and then private message me with a link to them.

Same thing happened to me, update of flywheel made several sites not work. and the response/service on this forum is rediculously non-existent. Not touching flywheel again, awful!