Can't sign on to local site anymore - fatal error

I uploaded a new theme for a site I was working on, (Local site), and right after that, I can’t sign on to the site. I get either a “Fatal Error”, or a 505 error.

What can I do to fix this?

Hey @sumi, Welcome to the Community Forums!

Usually if a WordPress site breaks after uploading a plugin or a theme, that indicates that there is some sort of issue with the PHP code that is breaking the site.

You can get more information about the kinds of PHP errors that are happening on the Local site by looking at this file:

~/Local Sites/site-folder/logs/php/error.log

In terms of getting the site back to a working state, you can try and rename the theme folder using the file browser. This will make is so WordPress can’t find the theme files, and will then revert to a default theme.

For additional help in troubleshooting issues related to a WordPress site, I recommend taking a look at the WordPress’ support article on debugging WordPress: