Changer la langue du site

Bonjour, je suis français est-ce que ce serai possible d’avoir dans les réglages du site la possibilité de le mettre en français et d’autre langue pour les autres pays ?

Google Translate:

Hello, I am French, will it be possible to have the site settings able to put it in French and another language for other countries?

Since this topic was within the Local Add-ons category, were you wanting an add-on to allow you to select a different language for the WordPress site during the initial site creation?

If you were instead wanting to have the Local app be in another language, right now, the Local app only supports English. We have considered what it would take to support additional languages, but don’t have any plans to do so at the moment.

If you want your WordPress site to be in a different language, you can log into the WordPress admin, navigate to “Settings > General” and select the language of your choice.