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Improve Local to support multiple languages

Hi Everybody! Greetings from France.

Local By Flywheel has became THE way to install WordPress Locally. But as you know. A vast majority of WP user doesn’t use WP in English.

Fallback :

  • Install a first website, change language in admin, make a blueprint

Issues :

  • Privacy Policy Page is generated in english

How I see it :

  • An option in LBF Settings panel to install futures site in a particular language by default
  • A select option in the 3 step install process

Why add this feature soon?

  • it’s an easy one (WP handle it natively now, WP-Cli too)
  • it doesn’t add complexity to the UI
  • Everybody will appreciate this feature!

By the way, you should consider to translate LBF aswell.

I think a lot of non english speaking people are not switching to LBF because of that.

We can help with the French version.
At WPChef we’ve helped translate dozens of plugins as PTE (but also ACF pro, Divi…)

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This is a really old feature request, but I also believe that i18n and i10n are important issues!

I’ve renamed the topic of this feature request to be more specific to this effort. @maximebj – you mention a few things in the original topic. Since this is such a broad topic, we’ll likely need to break it down into smaller pieces, but let me see if I understand the general groupings of this request.

  1. Be able to explicitly set the language for a WordPress site during the site-creation process.

  2. Provide translations for Local’s legal documents. Just double-checking – I think you’re referring to this page on the Local website, which the Local App links to:

  3. Make the Local app itself translatable. Bonus points if we empower the community to submit additional translations? :larry_heart:

Does that all sound correct?

Hi and thank you for your answer! Glad you find it important.

  1. Yes: adding a language button in the install screen (and preferences) may not be difficult. As you use WP-CLI for the installation, it only requires to add a couple of command as wp language core install | WP-CLI Command | WordPress Developer Resources

  2. I was just talking about a side effect in the site : when installing WP in english, the privacy policy page is generated by WP in english once for all, so even if we switch language afterward, this page stays in english. It’s a WordPress issue, but installing the site in the correct language in the first place avoids this behavior. So making the first point happen will fix this one too!

  3. Yes : Id love to have Local in French, or other languages. We are teaching WordPress to our student but some of them are not confortable at all with english. Our Course has 99% of french translated solutions and we’d love to have 100% tools and plugins in frenche. Once the feature included, I don’t think there is much work to translate everything and I would be very glad to help for this when it’s ready.

Since I posted this thread, DevKinsta was released and handle multiple languages since day 1. So I think it would be an even greater idea to add this feature for Local too.

Can’t wait to see if this happen. Thanks again!

Ahh yes, thanks for calling that out! I hadn’t considered it! Glad solving for #1 would fix this issue.

Thanks ! Hope the dev team will hear us soon :slight_smile:

We are in April 2022… Still waiting… You don’t forget us ?

Your LocalWP tool is very useful, but being forced to tweak the WordPress just after the installation, it doesn’t really make you want to develop a new project… In our case, we have to change the language options, change the date format, translate the posts/pages automatically created by WordPress, translate the default categories… That’s a lot of fiddling. Impossible to have a clean base in these conditions. It’s a bad experience for any developer who wants to start his project or a client’s project.

As @maximebj mentioned, it should not be complicated to install WP in the right language, since the language is supported natively by WP and it is possible to do it with WP-CLI. At the moment, there is no choice. LocalWP has been around for a long time, I don’t understand how such a ridiculous option is not already in place.

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I think they’ll never do it.

Too bad, the option to choose the language should be very easy to implement (one select control with available languages + adding a parameter to the CLI command, and it’s done).

I use now DevKinsta which is 100% internationalized since day one, and often more reliable than Local (thus I still love LocalWP).

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I didnt know DevKinsta. I will replace LocalWP with this one! Thanks!!!

This is very sad I just started using local and I love it so much :frowning: this issue is a deal-breaker for me as I work for clients in another language.