Check site compatibility and loading super slowly

I’ve been working on my site by using Loccal Machne for a copule months and it’s been working just fine until Thursday when, for some reason, it started loading slowly. It further worsened starting yesterday as slow as 20-30 secconds every time when I clicked on something.

So I tried clearing some memory, deleted some unneccessary files, defragmented to no avail.

I also frequently got Local Router Error messagge.

So I thought maybe it’s server issue so I created a demo site in my account, then tried to push it to that demo site to test it. I was able to successfully push it the first time but for some reason, I couldnt open it. I forgot to jot down the error message but something to do with the server.

So I deleted the demo site with the intention to redo the entire process, created a new demo site. And as i tried to push my local site from Local again, it got stuck at Checkiing Site Compatibility and I can’t move beyond that.

At one time, inside the Local Machine UI, it suddeny showed a message saying it can only work with WordPress, which appeared to me that Local was seeing my site as a non-WordPress application, which is strange. Anyway, I kept trying different things, like stop then start site again, close Local and then reopen it, or shut down my laptop and reboot, etc etc but nothing work.

I’m not a developer so whenever creating a new local site, I always go with the Preferred setting, never customize it.

I’m having a similar issue. Any luck with this?

Hey guys,

Sorry to hear of your troubles, but this sounds like a common Local bug we’ve had that has been resolved in our latest release 2.3.2.

Sadly the auto-updater does not pick up this update either for Local, so you’ll want to manually download and update (by overwriting it) from here:

_note_although I don’t foresee any issues with this process, it is always worthwhile ensuring you have local backups of your sites first.

I hope this helps, but if not or if there is anything else, please do let us know. We’re always happy to help.


Chris :slight_smile:
UK Happiness Engineer