Chrome says certs are invalid (Linux v5.2.7+2664)

As the title says, I’m using Local v5.2.7+2664 installed on a Manjaro Linux system. I have clicked the “Trust SSL” button for each of my development sites and the certs work as expected in Firefox.

As shown in the screen clipping below Chrome says that my certificates are invalid even though the certificate authority is valid and all of my development sites are listed as trusted.

Am I missing something? If not what should I try next?


I’d really appreciate some help with this problem and I think that the author of this post would also appreciate some help.

Can anyone help? I can work around the issue by using Firefox, but it’s really frustrating and makes development much more tedious than it should be.

This problem still exists after updating my Local install to v5.3.3+3248.

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I’ve updated my Local install to v5.4.2+3383 and this problem is still happening. I’ve tried cloning and existing development site so that I could click the Trust button again and the same problem is happening.

Anyone have advice on what I can try next to get Chrome to accept the SSL cert issued by Local?

The only solution I have given so far is to type:


(type it blindly having just leftclicked once inside your chrome browser – not in the address bar)

in order for me to continue.

I hope they fix this in future versions soon, as this is a chrome feature which most likely may go away in updated versions.


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