Clarification about local terminology

Issue Summary

When I am pushing to remote (WPEngine) I see something similar to what’s shown in the screenshot. Those files already exist on remote but the App seems to be implying they don’t.

Everything seems to work correctly, I’m just trying to understand why you choose to use the terminology “Will be added” instead of “Will be updated” or similar. It seems misleading. Or, am I missing something?


Hi @southsummit - thanks for reaching out!

If a file already exists on both local and remote, I would expect to see timestamps in both of those columns, similar to what you see in our MagicSync doc here - MagicSync - Local.

Which version of Local are you using? And, probably a silly question, but I have to ask it anyways - are you sure those files exists on WP Engine staging already? Could it be they exist on production but this push will create a staging environment?

Regardless, we can take a look at this! I agree, that terminology is something we can improve.

There definitely seems to be something wrong. To answer your question, yes the files definitely exist locally. I’m using Local 6.7.2

To exasperate the issue, not only do the files exist locally but they are identical. I realize Local works off of timestamps, which makes sense, but it seems WPEngine updates the timestamps when I “copy” an environment.

Here’s the workflow (I’m open to suggestions on how to do it better):

(1) I develop locally. Since I’m required to use a page builder for this project, the changes usually live in the DB. (2) Thus I use Local to push the files and db to staging. (3) Once I confirm everything works on staging, I copy the environment via the WPEngine interface to production. (4) Some time later, I want to update my local machine to match production, so I use Local to pull both the DB and files to local, which is where I’m seeing this problem.

Local wants to pull the entire site (including ~750MB worth of media).

Am I doing something wrong? I’m used to more of a git-based workflow but because of the site builder, the site edits reside in the DB (and occasionally in a custom plugin I’m using for my functions.php -type stuff).


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