WPEngine workflow problem

Issue Summary

WPEngine changes file timestamps. This breaks LocalWP workflow.


My workflow is pretty normal:

  1. Develop on local machine.
  2. Using LocalWP, I push to staging on WPEngine
  3. After confirming everything works, I use the WPEngine “Copy Environment” feature to push into production.
  4. Some time later, if I need to work on the site, then I use LocalWP to pull it from Production.

Here’s the problem

When using the WPEngine “Copy Environment” feature to copy from staging to production, all file timestamps get destroyed. So, now when I use Local to download the site from production, it wants to copy everything down (nearly 0.8 GB of files) since the timestamps do not match.

So… what is the proper workflow if you need to update your local copy from a site that previously used “Copy Environment” on WPEngine?

Hi @southsummit

If you pull back down from Staging does it work as preferred for you? Are there other changes happening on Production even after you copy it over and that’s why you’d rather pull down the live version?

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