Clearing Local's cache?

Hi! Does Local have a cache and if yes, how do I clear it?

I started using Local a few weeks ago and love it so far. But I suddenly started experiencing slowness issues using Elementor and someone said it might be a caching problem, and to try clearing Local’s cache since I’ve tried pretty much everything else I can think of with no success. Thanks!

Hi @isabellefr

Clearing cache likely wouldn’t yield any performance improvements. We do have a guide here with some common culprits you could run through to check:

Elementor does have a way to Regenerate CSS/Clear Cache if you do what to try that:

Hi @Nick-B! Thanks for the links. I checked a few things suggested in the performance issues guide and I have no issues there, and I regenerated Elementor’s cache but it didn’t fix the slowness.

I’ve been trying to figure out the slowness issues for a few days and found that using Chrome helped but didn’t 100% resolve it. So the last thing I could think of was seeing if Local was the culprit somehow, but doesn’t seem like it so I’ll need to keep looking. Thanks again for your suggestions!

Hi @isabellefr

That’s so frustrating! There could be some other conflict hiding within your machine. Another option would be to push your site to a Demo somewhere. Flywheel has free 14 day demos. You could see if moving the site off your machine and working it online helps improve things at all:

Demo Site

If it doesn’t, then it could be some sort of network connection issue. Are you on an office network or using a VPN?

Hi @Nick-B!

I just tried making my site a demo site and it didn’t work; I created it but when I’d go to the WP admin, it would show me a brand new site. I’m guessing it’s either because the domain is different from the temporary domain Flywheel gave me—and don’t know how to make them match—or I’m just doing a step wrong. Thoughts?

I’m on my home network and aren’t using a VPN.

Did you push your Local site to the Demo site?

I started over and now when I select either push or pull, it says “Pushing not allowed! This site does not have staging and you do not have permission to push to production.”

(When I click on the ‘WP Admin’ button to start the site, that’s when it brings me to a brand new site.)

Are you logged into your Flywheel account within the Local app?

Yeah I’m logged in!

Is this a multisite set up?

If not can you try completely quitting your Local app and then starting it back up.

No it’s not a multisite. I quit the app and started it back up and I’m still having the same issues from above

No worries if you’re unable to figure out why I can’t view the demo site. I have a feeling Elementor’s slowness is unrelated to Local!

I added myself as a collaborator to your Flywheel Demo and I was able to pull and push the site, so I’m not sure where the disconnect may be. If you’d like to troubleshoot it further could you send me some screenshots of what you see? Or create a short video using Loom or similar?

Oh that’s weird, I wonder why you were able to but I can’t. I guess it’s good to know it’s probably an issue on my end!

I didn’t realize my work on Local/Flywheel would be viewable without my knowledge. I don’t mind employees having access for support purposes but I would have appreciated being asked first. Is there a way for me to send screenshots privately instead of posting it here? I didn’t want to make my project public.

Hi @isabellefr

No problem I’ve removed my screenshot! I’ll send you a follow up DM so we can discuss further and you can share anything there if needed.

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That’s much appreciated, thank you!

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Hi @isabellefr

Following back up here after our DM working on that Demo.

Were you ever able to find improvement in the performance or slowness on the site or has that persisted?

Hi @Nick-B, thanks for following up!

The only thing that helped me was switching from Safari to Chrome. It didn’t 100% resolve the issue, but helped significantly. In the past few days, I’ve seen a lot of people on Reddit and Elementor’s Facebook page mention they’ve also been experiencing slowness since last week. So the good news is it’s not just me, I just hope Elementor fixes whatever is happening

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Ah okay that makes sense! Even among WordPress hosts we’ve heard that Elementor continues to get pretty heavy and resource intensive. Hopefully they can investigate and figure out some ways to make it a bit more performant.

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Yeah I learned about that this past week while doing my troubleshooting research. Hopefully they can make Elementor lighter and it can perform better!

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