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Clone = Blueprint = Export/Import = CloudBackup addon

are they basically all doing the same thing? duplicating?

absolutely fantastic resource by the way! Congratulations!

You’re right that they are basically doing the same thing which is creating a new site in Local from an existing site.

Of those four, “Blueprint”, and “Export/Import” are probably the most similar because they export a site and compress it as a zip file. The main difference for a Blueprint is that it also registers that zip with the Local app so that you can select from a Blueprint during the Create site flow.

In the case of “Cloning,” – Local will copy over some additional settings to keep things consistent. For example, if a site is already Connected to a remote Flywheel or WP Engine site, creating a Clone will copy over that reference to the remote site so that you don’t need to hunt down that remote site again.

CloudBackups are a little more of an outlier of all these. Yes they are “exporting” a site and you can create a new site from them. But under the hood, the thing that’s exported is actually a Restic repository instead of just a zip backup.

There’s probably some additional nuances to those things, but I think that covers most of differences!

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