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Cloud Backup to Sync Local Between Computers?

Hi everyone, I’m new to using local and wondering what is the current best practice to sync local files between two computers. Is the Cloud Backup the best way to do this or is there a different way?

Thanks for your help!

Local 6.2.1+5711
Windows 11 Enterprise
Local 6.3.0+5756
Windows 10 Enterprise

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Hey @brianb,

Cloud Backups would typically be the best bet - unfortunately, the team is digging into a reported bug right now where Cloud Backups isn’t functioning as expected on Windows. TBD on a fix timeline right now.

In the meantime, you could accomplish the same effect by exporting your sites (right-click on the site’s name and Export) and uploading to something like Google Drive or Dropbox. You’ll be able to import that site by dragging and dropping in on Local on the new machine.

Hopefully, we get this patched soon and you can go back to the Add-on!

Hi @austinwendt,

I’m wondering if the Add-on has been patched in the latest version on Windows?

I’m not able to use it to sync between computers.

Thank you

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Hi @RaymondTran - we’ve made some improvements, but there are still some known issues in the Add-on itself. I would recommend using Local’s export and import features for the meantime.