Restore from Laptop to Desktop

One question dropbox backup doesn’t work, so I’m using up my small Drive space.
I ask you I have installed Local on my laptop, can I restore the site on my desktop without problems? and then restore it from the laptop when needed?

I read that you don’t have an automatic function to do this, but I wonder if it was done at the moment by hand using the backup function, do you think there are problems since the site is restored from two machines with different characteristics?

Thank you

We recently released a new version of the Cloud Backups add-on. If you update Local to the latest version and install this add-on, you should be able to create a backup on one machine and restore the backup on another machine.

If you don’t want to rely on a cloud provider, then you should be able to right-click on a site and select “Export.” This will give you a .zip file that contains the files and a dump of the database.

From there, you can import the site by dragging-and-dropping it onto Local somewhere else without any issues.

The one thing to remember is that these become two separate installations. This means that if you do some work on the site on one machine, those changes won’t sync to the other machine, which means you’ll either need to re-export or manually apply those changes in order to keep them in sync.

Hi thanks for the reply.
I’ll be using google drive for now, although I preferred Dropbox because I have more space.

The idea was to backup and restore from the other computer, work and then backup and continue from the laptop when needed.

I was writing to understand if there may be contraindications, on the fact that a backup and a restore is done from different machines.

Thank you

Hi I have installed Local on my desktop, I understand what you meant …

I thought that by installing Local with the same account on two computers I would have found my cloud backups listed, so I could restore without any problems. Instead there are no… :frowning:

A few things to verify:

  • Are you using the Cloud Backups add-on on both computers?
  • Have you logged into your Local Account so that it can co-ordinate the connection between each instance of Local and the remote Cloud provider (Google Drive)
  • Were you able to successfully create a new backup using the Cloud Backups addon?

I updated manually, everything works, i love Local!

I was also able to see from the other computer the backup and restore fantastic!
The only thing is that I thought I would find in Cloud Backup of the site copy, the list of existing backups.

It would be nice to have backups directly on the copy, perhaps it would come close to the concept of synchronization.
You could add an option in “Create a site from Cloud Backup Add-on” which tells you to keep a link between the copies. It could also be a Check, whoever wants to link it to the copy he has in another computer just has to select it.
Yes, this is an idea, programming it is another story. But we always start from an idea;)

For the moment I will proceed by creating new copies of the site and deleting the old ones.

Thanks for the help and thanks for Local!

This is very interesting, I think I understand what you mean, but can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Hi sorry I didn’t understand the question.

I guess where I’m confused is – are you expecting that all of the backups would be visible from each site on the different machines?

I have prepared a video that shows you how to solve the connection of backups on different devices.
Let me know if it’s all clear. :wink:



That’s perfect, and so beautiful – Thank you!

I’ll pass this excellent mockup on to the team!

Thank you!
Let me know if you need a new member for your team :wink:

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