CloudFlare Tunnels

Now that CloudFlare offers free tunnels, I think this could be a great extension/feature to include in local. Has anyone given it a try yet?

This is the first time I’ve heard of CloudFlare tunnels, it looks interesting!

It seems like more of a proxy/firewall-y tool for servers. How do you imagine Local fits into it?

It could be used as an alternative to the live links. You could have a settings per site to connect to a users CloudFlare account, and configure a tunnel for each site. This would allow for customizing the urls to be anything they want with any domain they have managed in CloudFlare.


Any clues how to make it Work? LOCAL and make it Online using CloudFlared?

I’m not seeing that we’ve seen much other conversation around the above. Are you looking to use Cloudflare Tunnels specifically or are you just trying to take your site live somewhere?