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Connect to Cloudways

Cloudways is a hosting platform that utilises cloud hosting providers (DigitalOcean, Vultur, Linode etc.) Sites and servers are created on your chosen infrastructure but this is all bundled within Cloudways so no cloud hosting account needed and billing for both control panel and host is charged by Cloudways.

Nice! Thanks for creating this feature request!

Can you elaborate a little more on how you currently deploy a WordPress site to Cloudways?

  • Do they have a help doc you can link to, or specific process for deploying?
  • Is the process the same for each of their hosting providers? For example, is there any difference in deploying to a site on DigitalOcean vs Vultr?

We’ve used Cloudways for both staging and production environments for a number of years. They have a centralised platform from which everything is managed regardless of which cloud provider you choose.

In terms of structure, you can start up a ‘Server’ which is tied to a cloud provider and can be configured and vertically scaled. Each site then exists as an application on that server and has its own SSH, SFTP and MySQL access.

They also have a decent API which we’ve used to create a chat bot which we can instruct to create a new app.

Currently, we use Local to create sites and then git->ftp deployment to move the files to Cloudways. Databases are manually exported and imported.


I also use Cloudways. Would love to see support for them!


I use Cloudways (Linode cloud option) and would love to see Local connect directly to Cloudways.

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I exported a site from LocalWP and uploaded the ZIP file to Cloudways via SFTP, the Cloudways support team are (very generously) offering to install it for me as a one time favour!). This is my first migration and manually transferring databases/files is way beyond my expertise, GIT and command line is also beyond me, buying a plugin might be the answer, now looking for a good step-by-step tutorial for the next time…

Cloudways integration would be awesome!


Where has Local been all my life? This has been a tremendous find! Thank you for this amazing tool! I too would love to see integration with Cloudways. Currently I use wp all-in-one migration tool to go back and forth. its painless and easy but having a direct connection through local would be fantastic.

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I love LocalWP and Cloudways. Being able to push and pull between my local sites and live sites would be heaven.

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Cloudways is growing in popularity, especially as some are moving away from shared hosting. It is a must for integration in my opinion.

ADD cloudways.com HOST

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Another vote for connecting to Cloudways :grin::cloud_with_lightning:

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Yes please. Connection to Cloudways would be extremely helpful. Do we have any pulse on when feature requests like these get approved and moved into roadmap?

Local with Cloudways will be a dream come true.