My prev localhost sites no longer work after installing LocalByFlywheel

I thought I saw a thread here in Community a couple weeks ago that stated previous localhost sites installed should not be affected by installing LocalByFlywheel. I can’t seem to find that thread now. Did I misinterpret that? None of my localhost sites work now: Can’t reach that address. Is this because Local changed my hosts file? How can I fix that - even if I have to manually edit the hosts file when going between localhost and Local?

I have a deadline next week for a site and after copying it from localhost to Local, I have many things not working, likely different versions of PHP and/or MySQL. But, I don’t have time (I already spent a few hours) to chase those down further.


Very sorry for the trouble!

We’re going to need more specifics like what your setup was before Local, your /etc/hosts file contents (you can type cat /etc/hosts in, and anything else you can think of.

Hi Clay -

Resolved, for the most part.