Conflict with Codekit Browser Preview

Hello! I have been using Local and Codekit together for a while, but I almost never remember to open up the preview for browser refreshing. I just attempted to set it up again, and am not having any luck with it loading. I saw this thread and configured the settings the same way – external server address is using https and I have TLS enabled – but none of the three server URLs will fully load. The two non-bonjour addresses will show the title of my website, and if I turn off the server it will load the unstyled content and say it lost contact with Codekit, but if I leave the server running the pages just time out. I went through Codekit’s troubleshooting steps and confirmed everything looked fine there, but I think this is more specifically something happening between Codekit and Local. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, I miss the browser refreshing feature!


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