Issue using Codekit's auto browser refreshing with imported sites

I’ve used Local with Codekit for a long time, and it’s fantastic. Changes made to scss files instantly update with no reloading.

However, on sites that have been imported from Flywheel, this functionality no longer seems to play nice – the preview IP address no longer shows anything.

I’d be happy to do whatever you’d like to help troubleshoot this, but at present I don’t know of anything more specific as to the cause (e.g. it could be SSL that’s breaking things, or perhaps the www. on some sites, not really sure).

Have you seen this before?

Hey @redblue,

Do you have the External Server Required option checked in CodeKit?

If so, what are you using for the External Server Address option?

BTW, I thought I’d replied to this; Codekit actually fixed this bug in part around when I reported this (the .dev at the end of sites has been taken over by google and requires SSL now).

Thanks for your help!

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