Connect error! We had trouble loading sites from WP Engine (ssh config file conflict)

What issue or error are you experiencing?

After cloning my computer to a new one with previously working Local installation, I received connection errors and inability to pull or push sites from WP Engine. Consequent attempts to re-pull a site showed error: ‘Local couldn’t load the file list!’

After much troubleshooting it turns out connection was having a conflict with Line 3 of what was otherwise my default SSH config record:

Host *
  AddKeysToAgent yes
  UseKeychain yes     <-- this line causes error
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

I assume this is because I was optionally adding ssh keys for wpengine such as the below, otherwise it wouldn’t even reach out to the config file?

Host *
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/wpengine_ed25519
  IdentitiesOnly yes

Anyway, despite the fact I’ve found a workaround for now, I’m keen to understand why there’s suddenly a conflict here when it worked fine a few days ago with same config. Is there something I need to change in the syntax or order to re-enable my default fallback ssh key of id_rsa?

What steps can be taken to replicate the issue? Feel free to include screenshots, videos, etc

System Details

  • Local Version:
    Version 8.0.1+6490
  • Operating System (OS) and OS version:
    Mac OS Sonoma 14.0 (23A344)

Local Logs

Attach your Local Logs here (Help Doc - Retrieving Local’s Log)

Portion of log that clued me in to the conflict:

{"class":"RsyncService","level":"warn","message":"/Users/jason/.ssh/config: line 3: Bad configuration option: usekeychain\r\n/Users/jason/.ssh/config: line 8: Bad configuration option: usekeychain\r\n","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-10-23T06:41:56.067Z"}
{"class":"RsyncService","level":"warn","message":"TERM environment variable not set.\n","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-10-23T06:41:56.194Z"}
{"class":"RsyncService","level":"warn","message":"/Users/jason/.ssh/config: terminating, 2 bad configuration options\r\n","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-10-23T06:41:56.254Z"}
{"class":"RsyncService","level":"warn","message":"rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [Receiver]\n","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-10-23T06:41:56.255Z"}
{"class":"RsyncService","level":"warn","message":"rsync error: unexplained error (code 255) at io.c(226) [Receiver=3.1.3]\n","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-10-23T06:41:56.255Z"}
{"class":"ConnectManifestWpeService","level":"error","message":"Error creating manifest for WPE Service","sentryEventId":"0322f8084c4a4217b62f7f72234db8d2","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-10-23T06:41:56.257Z"}
{"class":"ConnectManifestWpeService","level":"error","message":"rsync process existed with code 255","stack":"Error: rsync process existed with code 255\n    at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (%%appPath%%/main/rsync/RsyncService.js:1:1548)\n    at ChildProcess.emit (node:events:513:28)\n    at ChildProcess.emit (node:domain:489:12)\n    at ChildProcess._handle.onexit (node:internal/child_process:291:12)","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-10-23T06:41:56.257Z"}

Security Reminder
Local does a pretty good job of scrubbing private info from the logs and the errors it produces, however there’s always the possibility that something private can come through. Because these are public forums, always review the screenshots you are sharing to make sure there isn’t private info like passwords being displayed.

Hi @jason.s

Our Devs narrowed down what they believe to be the root cause here and have released a Beta version of Local to try and see if it resolves the problem. Once we know this fix works we’ll roll out a stable release to follow!

Hi @Nick-B

Did you need me to test this? It would require me re-adding a site back in as it doesn’t re-use my existing sites associated with Local app?

Also tricky as I already fixed the issue by:

  1. First just commenting out my default key entries.
  2. Secondly (on the advice dug up by a WPE tech) I followed this article and added: IgnoreUnknown UseKeychain
  3. Reinstated my default keys and Local continues to work.

So is that related to the fix in Beta 8.0.2?

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Okay so I:

  • commented out my fix from above
  • pulled down an existing WPE site in Local Beta
  • was able to reconnect to it again and check for changes

Seems to work fine without my other config fix :+1:t3:

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Hi @jason.s

Thank you for giving this a try! You’re correct that is what we were trying to resolve with the Beta and using the Beta requires importing your site and exporting if you make changes again. It’s a bit of work but that way we can be sure the changes are working before rolling them out into a stable release. Appreciate your diligence here and confirmation :green_heart:

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