"Connect to Flywheel does not support sites without WordPress installed." What? All sites are WP!

This started happening after upgrading to Version 2.3.2. Just hovering over the icons causes this popup error message. This makes no sense, because all of my sites both local and on FW are WP! I hope this bug gets fixed, soon. I use this feature almost daily. This is happening for ALL my local sites!

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NOTE: To anyone else who is dealing with this issue: I was able to get this to work BUT it was because I deleted the site, then re-imported it as a new install. Then I was able to use the push/pull feature on the ‘new’ site install. That’s a lot of time spent and work to do in order to get this feature to work.


Had all of this and other issues, I resolved it by logging out of my flywheel account by clicking on the cloud icon on the left side, then clicking log out and the logging in again. Tried to explain it here