Contact form settings on Local

Hi there,

I’ve added contact form on my sites but I’ve a message error about the mail settings.
Is it because I’m working on Local and do I should better make the settings once the sites will be online?

Thank for your answers.
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Have you tried using smtp?

Hello encrypt and thank you for your answer.

Sorry but I have juste discovered what smtp is…:roll_eyes:
Maybe it would be simpler for me to wait until my sites are online to add the mail contact form settings…
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Can you please provide the error text or a screenshot of the error?

Outbound e-mail should still work in Local. However, it will be intercepted by either MailCatcher or MailHog which you can find in the Utilities tab for the site.

Hi Clay :grinning:!

Thanks for your help.
I apparently have some problems with syntax in the mailbox field and I can’t add the e-mail of my choice.
But I’ll ask a friend soon about all of this. I’ll get back to you if there is still a problem.

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