Corrupt Files? Local won't FTP to live site


I’ve spent two days in FTP Hell, trying to upload the site I created on Local by Flywheel, via Filezilla FTP to Hostgator. It’s an optimized Wordpress site, sitting live and waiting for the files. At 4am this morning the chat rep advised me that something is wrong with the files. This site is supposed to go live on February 1st!! Please help.


Hi @girlcode,

If the site is loading in Local then it’s most likely an issue with the FTP upload process itself.

Is Hostgator providing any other details?

No- they’ve tried 4 times to load the site and nothing happens. Is it something I’m doing?

Should I send you a screenshot of what is inside the zip?

Are there only certain files in the zip I should be uploading?

FTP uploads can be tricky. Unfortunately, that’s a bit outside of the official support scope here unless you’re uploading to Flywheel.

Is the site loading and working fine in Local?

If so, and if the site is running the Preferred environment, I would recommend trying the Connect to Flywheel functionality.

With Connect to Flywheel, you can push to or pull from Flywheel with Local with a few clicks. Better yet, you can create a demo site on Flywheel for free to test out the functionality and make sure it works for you.

Well it is a bit late for that now, he has paid for hosting at Hostgator for the year and the domain is sitting there. Do you not have people uploading to other hosts after they build at the local?

Are all of these folders supposed to upload- app, local-site.json and logs?


Try uploading the contents of the site’s app/public folder.

It ended up being an Optimized Wordpress issue on Hostgator, they don’t let you access the DB or PHP’s. Anyway, I’m downgrading the hosting package so that the files can be uploaded. Thanks.

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