Could multisite works in this way?

I installed Local a few minutes ago. Looks amazing, what a great job.

Checking these forums noticed there are very WP experienced people here and maybe you could help me.

I’m running several big custom programmed sites and considering to move to Wordpress because of the extra features I could add in the future. They are very different from a news site to classifieds up to services related.

The most tricky probably it is news site has a URL structure like this: I’m not sharing real URL because don’t know if it’s allowed.

Then will need some kind of multisite feature, but based on multiple subdomain level. Possible? Make sense in Wordpress?

With two more tricky features, could works in differente languages (contents and layout) and admins are limited to certain subdomains/cities/areas.

Then it’s the moment to decide if redone everything almost from scratch, including design, sections, and features or do the same with a new framework, Wordpress in this case.

Thanks in advance for your help.

WordPress multisite lets you run multiple WordPress sites from one WordPress install. The WordPress sites can share user logins, plugins, and theme files. This makes maintenance easier as you would only need to update plugins in one place instead of logging in to several other sites and performing updates. You can certainly map custom domains to different WordPress sites within a multisite setup. From WordPress’ perspective, is just a domain name. You can create the DNS record for it and point it to your server and you will be good to go.