Multisite: Clone mainsite into subsite

Hello there,

We currently operate a WordPress e-commerce single site that caters to customers in both the USA and Canada, accessible at ex:

We are now planning to transition our single site into a multisite setup, and we have outlined three key steps to achieve this: (Global Site) (USA Site) (Canada Site)

Currently, our website exists solely under ex:, serving customers from both countries. Our intention is to replicate the ex: site into ex: and then replicate the same ex: site into ex: We are curious whether this cloning process can be facilitated using Local WP. Could you kindly provide any documentation or guidance for this procedure?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @Haja

We have a helpful guide below with steps for achieving a multisite setup in Local. This should help get you started but let us know if you have any further questions!

I have used the WordPress plugin WP Migrate Pro with multisites so please check out the documentation if this plugin can help you.


Thanks for your doc @Nick-B i will check and let you know

Hey @emmtre
I want to test that before i purchase but that multisite feature available only on Pro version. We use Wp Engine they suggest NS Cloner which is bit expensive. Our site also in live i need to split single site into multisite within limited time so that it will not affect our sales. Please advise

@Haja I would contact support at both Delicious Brains and Never Settle and try to find out if the WP Migrate Pro or WP Cloner plugin can help you in this specific use case. Delicious Brains is owned by WP Engine. I think both plugins have a 30 day money-back guarantee. Then you can export your live website and try to set up the multisite in the Local app before pushing to a staging or live website. And you can work out a process and strategy to verify all data and minimize downtime.


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