Could not update hosts files!

Hey guys,

First time local user on Windows 10. When I try to create my first WordPress site I get Warning of an issue: Missing hosts entry. This site may be inaccessible. When I ‘try to fix’ the issues I get Windows notification that ‘local is requesting administrative privileges to modify /etc/hosts’ and Local notification that Local run into a problem when trying to update hosts file.
I’ve tried the usual fixes (run Local as an admin, disable antivirus, uncheck read only - it was unchecked) and nothing seems to work. I would love to hear an idea of how to fix the issue.
The log doesn’t reveal anything interesting. When I click fix the issue and the error occurs, the log is the following:
“{“thread”:“main”,“class”:“HostsFileService”,“level”:“info”,“message”:“Updating hosts with”,“timestamp”:“2020-11-08T17:22:29.721Z”}
{“thread”:“main”,“class”:“HostsFileService”,“error”:{},“stdout”:{},“stderr”:{},“exitCode”:{},“level”:“error”,“message”:“Could not update hosts.”,“timestamp”:“2020-11-08T17:22:31.371Z”}”

Thank you!

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