Create non WP sites with Local

I would love to be able to create a new non-WordPress site with Local. Any plans of adding that as an option in the future? I know I can just delete the WP files, but it’d be super handy if I could just spin up a server. Also, just curious if there are any plans to provide support for other PHP (or even Node or other languages) platforms or if this is pretty locked down to WordPress development.


You can use MAMP to develop non-wordpress sites locally, and it’s free

Spin up a new WordPress site, go and delete all the WordPress files and drop all the database tables. Then save that as a blueprint and use it when you want to spin up a non-WP site.


Hmm i tried that, but when adding a site from the blueprint it gets stuck at “Adding…”. But thanks for the tip, it’s not the end of the world. I still think there should be an option when adding a new container like “Install wordpress [ X ]”. Maybe i’ll add it as a feature request.

MAMP is cool and all, but its running in the local environment which kinda sucks. That’s why i need Local with its beautiful docker virtualizations. But thanks for the tip!

I created a new wpsite with whatever admin/pass, chose the desired server/php/mysql, after finalising setting up, with the site running, I simply deleted all the wp files in ~\Local Sites[mynonwpsite]\app\public\

Then you can upload in \public your files.

For static websites / not requiring a database, this simply works, without any blueprint etc.


It would be nice if this was a “first class” option, instead of “you can jump through a bunch of hoops and get it working”.

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Its the same request as here: Optional WP installation

Answer in style install MAMP or “delete all files” are stupid. If i have my on WP project layout and repo plan then then i don’t want WP automaticaly installed. Also what if i want to version control WP and plugin and so on. Please be real - delete all files is not an answer in this situation.

@kristjan07 ,

Please see:

Using this method, you can set whatever you want to be controlled with VCS and then save it as a Blueprint.

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Well clay - nice try but no success. I’d don’t know if you already tried this but IT DON’T WORK. Like robsat91 said - it get’s stuck on “adding…” and that’s it.

Please try yourself out and let me know how it rolled out for you.

Ou and also needed thing is to interact with Local from command line. Don’t want to diss you guys but Lando is a step ahead of your game:

I just tested it out on 2.0.6 and didn’t run into that issue. I tried it on two different sites.

If you have time and are willing, can you try adding a site from a Blueprint and then provide the local-by-flywheel.log file (Help » Reveal Local’s Log)?

I try it and it working fine with the latest version of Local by Flyweel

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really important feature for me

LocalWP is the best gui manager for sites and for local casual web development for now

but requirying for WordPress files and DB is annoying

because people can just use dragndrop import for easy creating site withour wordpress files and db in zip archive

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