Need to simplify creating non Wordpress sites

I often have a need to create no Wordpress sites and the current method just isn’t cutting it. We need a way to create a blank site with just an index,html page and setup the local.XXX virtual and site path with no database. The current method of creating a WP site then deleting stuff isn’t a best practices approach. Creating a SQL database for non WP sites should be optional as some non WP sites may need a database.

I want to use Local for all my web needs. I don’t want competing MAMP instances on my Mac.

You should save it as a blueprint and start from there.

I tried that. But Local just churned and churned when creating a website using the blueprint.

Downloaded Local yesterday for the first time never heard of it before. Congratulations on such a great project!

I do second this. I know it’s possible to create blueprints which I’ve done but I’ve noticed when deleting the wp-content and wp-config.php, the listing within the application reports “Cannot find local file” or “unknown details” whatever.

It would be the icing on the cake to neaten this up speaking as a dev who has some OCD!