HTML/PHP Project

How to use HTML & PHP project using Local Flywheel? I was used Wampserver, there is a folder called www folder, in MAPM/Xampp htdoc is there any fodler for use as public_html in Local Flywheel [like live server]? Thanks

Hi Mohsin,

You can use Local for non-WordPress projects by doing the following:

  1. Create a new site
  2. Browse to app/public in site folder
  3. Remove all of the WordPress files
  4. Go to Database tab for the site in Local
  5. Open either Adminer or Sequel Pro
  6. Remove all of the tables in the local database
  7. Right-click on the site and save it as a Blueprint so you can create a new blank site simply by using the Blueprint

Where to see saved Blueprint? I accidentally saved twice. I want to remove one Blueprint. Thanks

You can manage Blueprints by going to Preferences » Blueprints.

You can access Preferences by going to Local by Flywheel » Preferences on macOS. If you’re on Windows you’ll find Preferences under the menu in the top-left of the window.

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I got it, thanks.

This worked great. Also, as a compliment to this, here is a great article that talks about how to set up Local with Craft CMS, for anyone going down that road.

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