Creating a clone or export results in scrambled pages

I use localwp to develop our website. I need to transfer a copy/clone of the website to a thumb drive for training others how to use the website. All my efforts have resulted in the copy/clone being dysfunctional (I use popups and enabled popups in Chrome). I have the same dysfunctional result when I clone to my original localwp. I have other issues with using localwp to push to or, but I need to solve the thumb drive copy.

The export/clone shows the homepage, but clicking on the link to Staff results in scrambling all the popup information (bad image showing text of first popup and the pdf of the bad page cannot be loaded) with what should show on the good image.

How to make import or clone actually represent the original website?

Hi @slabydl

Even though you’re not using a Live Link, some of the troubleshooting steps might help from this section here. For example, checking for plugin/theme cache, CSS regeneration, checking dev console for errors, mixed content, and so on.