Save a website version or change the domain name

Hi everyone,

I was working for a customer and did a wordpress website through the local app.
This customer will soon call another developer and change his site. My version will be deleted if he connects it to the domain we used.

Do you know if I can keep a functional version of the site I made? Where and how?

Do I have to connect it to a new domain name or can it remain accessible for life somewhere?

Hi there @clo - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

Have you considered making a backup?

Another option would be to Clone the site in Local as a “backup” - that’s probably what I would do.

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Have you tried either of those things? Would that solve the problem?

Let me know!

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

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Hi Sam,

Thank you so much for your answer.
I’ll try to clone the website it’s a good idea i didn’t think about it. Yes the only thing I want is to have a working an oline version of what I did that I can show to future customers.

Do you think it will work cloning the website ? I just need to do what you show on the screen ?

Thnak you again,


Hi @clo -

To show future customers you could consider using the Live Links feature of the cloned site, there’s information about that here:

What do you think about that?


Hi Sam,

Ohh I didn’t konw this feature sounds great ! But they need a username and password so I can’t link or point to this live link from my freelance website?
This idea is a live ersion of the site that I made even if it is not called like the client’s domain name anymore…
I’m not professional enough sorry…

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @sambrockway,

Do you think you can help me with this ?

Thank you,


Hi @clo -

Hmm, okay I understand.

As far as the Live Links go, it’s a great option for when your computer is on & Local is running (as Live Links don’t work perpetually).

If I were adding this to my site and wanted it as an example, I’d probably add it as an additional site to my hosting plan and create a subdomain like to point there.

You may want to ask your client for permission to do something like that.

Another option (and what I often did instead of creating a full demo site) is to simply create static mockups of your work to show inside of your portfolio and to future clients.

For example, I have a few on my own website:

Finally, if you’re wanting to chat more about the business-y side (sharing with clients + using Local, etc) feel free to send me a message on Twitter @hellosammunoz and we can find some time to talk.


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