Clone with Local By Flywheel

The Clone feature never works since I use Local By Flywheel.
(current version 2.4.5)
Yet it is an essential function locally!

The site once cloned, points to the cloned source site.
How to remedy this?

Same problem with the new version 3.0.1!

I’m running into this same issue — macOS Sierra. Once site is cloned dev1.local to dev2.local, visiting dev1.local now loads dev2.local, files and database. It redirects url to dev2.local when logging into admin — pulling my hair out to try to resolve this issue. Did you have any success? I’m on Local 3.3.0

Hey @creativeculture, it actually sounds like your issue is the reverse of the original if I understand your description correctly.

I don’t know if @Matfun found a resolution but they described that the cloned site redirects to the original.

You’re saying that your original site now redirects to the cloned site, correct?

We’ve tried to recreate the issue but are not running into anything like that. Would you try creating a blank WordPress site and make a similar clone. Could there be something at the site level that would be creating a redirect like this?