Creating Apache site from blueprint getting weird error [See video] but when switching to Nginx it works, switching back to Apache also works

I’ve made this screen cast to show the issue it is in dutch because I was explaining it to my colleague’s but I think it illustrates the issue well.

When creating a site from a blueprint I get this really weird text based error, it looks like it is just loading the contents from a .php file

Front to the WordPress application. This file doesn’t do anything, but loads…

But because of this thread I tried and changed the server o Nginx and that worked! Switching then back to Apache again also works! So I don’t really get what the issue is and if it needs a solution, but would be nice if someone can put this tip somewhere so everyone else doesn’t spend an hour to debug this issue.

Here is my log file local-by-flywheel.log · GitHub
Flywheel version 2.3.3
macOS version 10.13