Creating new site errors


I am new to Flywheel. I am having a problem creating a new site. I get these two errors come up. Can you advise me on what I should do to stop these errors.

I am using a HP Pavilion Laptop, Windows 10.0.18362, 64-bit operating system.

Many thanks

I had the same issue this morning on my mac (new to this too!) - I just downloaded an older version (link is Local by Flywheel 3.3.0) of flywheel and it’s working just fine! Hope that helps!

Thanks sarahg. Where can I download an older version of Flywheel from?

Thank you.

I managed to create one site on Local before I had the problems. If I uninstall my current version of Local then install this old version, will I lose that site? If so, how can I not lose it?

OK, so I uninstalled v5.0.7 and downloaded v3.3.0 for Windows. When installing this version this error message comes up.

I’m not tech savvy at all (which is why I want to use Local by Flywheel and Brizy PRO) so when errors like the ones I have been facing come up, I have absolutely no idea what to do. How can I get the attention of someone from FlyWheel to help me? Please help, this is driving me nuts.