How can I fix "Error when starting site" error?


I can’t get into my website because i have this problem:

Hi there,

I’m getting the same error. None of my sites will start.

I’ve attached the log.
flywheellog.log (7.4 KB)

It’s a shame because I was starting to really like the performance of local flywheel.

Any help appreciated.

Just updated to the latest VirtualBox, still the same error.

Tried reinstalling Flywheel, now I’m stuck at “Starting Local Machine”.

flywheellog2.log (4.6 KB)

Hi all,

Sorry for the trouble!

We’re looking into the cause of this.

If you have any other details like what you did before this happened we’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks Clay,

In regards to the original error, I didn’t do anything specific. It worked yesterday, I shut down my laptop over night and the error happened this morning. I can’t remember if I specifically stopped the Flywheel site before I shut down.