Creating plugin not showing up in wp backend

I have a local copy of my website saved in local sites. I am able to open the site and the back end locally and edit the site successfully.

I am now building a simple word press plugin so i start with creating a plugin folder in the plugin directory, and in the folder i create a php file with the same name as the folder. I include this php code.

But when i open my wordpress backend i do not see the plugin. what could be the problem?

<?php /** * @package myzznewplugin */ /* Pugin Name: myzznewplugin Version: 1.0.0 Author: John Doe Text Domain: myzznewplugin */ ?>


I have solved the problem.

In order to test if anything was wrong i simply copied the php from hello dolly and pasted it into my new plugin php and removed all the code i did not need. i then edited the details to my needs and tested, and it worked.

I must have had a spelling mistake in the file of folder name or some typo in the script.

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@sunspellmarketing for creating a custom plugin, even a simple one, I recommend you use a template (like you did with Hello Dolly) or use a generator/boilerplate, some quick examples:

You have a typo “Pugin Name” should be “Plugin Name” :wink:

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haha good eye! Didn’t even notice…
That’s exactly the reason why I use ready code as a base, writing yourself might make you lose hours searching for typos or wrong implementation of something.

Great eye thank you