CSS changes not reflected in browser (Win 10, 2.0.4)

Using Local 2.0.1 I imported a batch of sites opting for the ‘preferred build’ and ‘Dev mode = On’. They all run, but on attempting to make CSS and administration area changes, none of the updates are reflected in the browser (on inspection the file changes are not being picked up in the browser). The same problem exists when attempting to view the changes using current versions of Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge. Shutting and re-opening Local doesn’t seem to resolve anything, but at some point the changes are suddenly reflected (I haven’t been able to figure out a precise set of actions to force the updates to display though). Subsequently changes then don’t display, and the cycle continues… So far I’ve only tried importing one site using 2.0.4 and the preferred build but the problem appears to still be present.

When I imported a couple of sites (using 2.0.1) opting for the same versions of PHP and MySQL as the preferred build, but with Apache, i.e. a custom build, changes are reflected as required.

Is this an issue with the Dev mode on the preferred builds? I’ve tried toggling it on and off but the problem persists.

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Thanks for the report!

Turning dev mode on should absolutely make it so your changes are shown.

Unfortunately we haven’t seen this happen on our environments but we will keep an eye on it. If anyone else is having this issue please chime in :slight_smile:

With a Local 2.0.4 created preferred install CSS changes to the style.css of the 2017 theme are not displaying in the browser. Changes made via the admin area customize functionality do display in the browser.

I’m also finding that with other themes where a theme panel (theme config) sits outside the default WordPress customize area changes are not being recognised.

Please see https://stackoverflow.com/a/7000899. If the issue persists after enabling this please let me know.

Also, you can hard refresh by pressing Ctrl + F5 (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + R (macOS).

Thanks for the response Clay, I appreciate the time you must have put into finding this for me. I’d actually cleaned Local fully off the system just before I saw your post, reinstalled, and started again with my imports, and so far haven’t experienced the problem again. The linked thread is really interesting though, and I’ve grabbed the extension to try, sounds as if it will be more comprehensive and less hassle than always needing to inspect in order to get the empty cache and hard reload option up.

I’m going to mark this thread up as solved since I can’t currently reproduce the problem. I’ll add more information, if I do experience the problem again in the future.

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