CSS works on Local but not after pushing to Flywheel

I pulled a site from Flywheel, installed a new theme and child theme, made some CSS changes, and everything looked good.

Then I pushed to Flywheel and it appears that the CSS is not being picked up at all.

Any ideas on why this would happen? I have confirmed that the child theme is active and that the files are on the Flywheel server.

Hey @juliekuehl

That looks like the CSS isn’t being applied. This is usually due to a url not being updated correctly, or occasionally trying to load assets over HTTPS but not having a valid certificate.

The best place to start is to troubleshoot by opening the developer tools for the browser and seeing what kinds of errors are in the console.

In Chrome this looks like this:

But Firefox has something similar too.

Let us know if you are able to figure it out, or what you find in the console!

– Ben

Spot on. It was a URL that wasn’t updating correctly. I made some changes to how the theme was calling the CSS and that solved the problem. Thanks for your help!

Julie Kuehl

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