Live Link not showing any styling with CSS

I tried Flywheel with Wordpress for the first time and I activated the link and I can see it on my computer.

However when sending the same link and trying on another computer (mac) there is no styling, like the CSS is not working. The web page is broken. All you see is the HTML.

Can you please help urgently!
The link works on my computer and can see the website but not on another?
The link won’t even work on a iphone, it won’t load.

Can someone advise urgently!


I have the same issue, is your connection very slow as well?


Hi Steve,

I have high speed, and like I mentioned, it works on my computer without any problems.

But I decided to test it with another mac that I have prior to sending the link and it is not working.

I have to show it today so I’m preparing a keynote presentation :frowning:

Why will it only work on my computer?

Can you help Steve?

Is this common?



I don’t know if its common, but it doesn’t work for me or my clients. Sometimes the style sheet loads but very rarely. Try refreshing the page often that sometimes helps.

Local runs very slow on my pc so I assume that’s causing the issue but I don’t know for sure.

There sure does seem to be a lot of issues with Local so I’m now thinking of ditching it. I need a reliable option for myself and my clients.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for replying!

I thought it was only me lol.

Just wondering do you know of any other options available?

Any suggestions would be welcomed!

Thanks so much!



Sorry for the trouble with Live Links!

if you open your browser developer console when loading the Live Link, do you see any errors?

One important thing to note with Live Links, there is a 60 request maximum every minute. This means that if you have 30 files that are loaded per request (images, JS/CSS, etc), you will hit the maximum if you refresh twice. This is a limitation of ngrok's free tunnel.

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I opened up the console and I have full of errors, over a dozen. It says it failed to load css, js files as well as png & jpg files.

As mentioned before, on my computer it works, but not on another one, therefore I cannot share the link with a customer.

I ended up sending a keynote file to my customer cause I had to show something today and didn’t think I would have this issue or I would have contacted you earlier.

Any ideas?

Can you provide a screenshot of the errors you’re seeing?

If it’s working on your computer, but not others, odds are there are hard-coded asset URLs that aren’t being automatically replaced. What theme are you using? Also, are you using a page builder?


I’m away from my desk right now but I am using the DIvi theme . The screenshots display over a dozen errors in red and reports that it did not upload a whole bunch of CSS js and image files.


I’m having the same problem with a Divi site.
The link works but the site displays without any styling, which obviously is no good to show the site to a client.

Are there any other “sharing portals” that can be used with Local by Flywheel?