cURL error 56: OpenSSL SSL_read: No error

Issue Summary

Trying to set up Git Updater (pulls repo from Bitbucket to notify of a custom plugin update) to reach my Bitbucket account. Cred are correct, API call works in curl in CLI, but NOT from site hosted in Local.

Troubleshooting Questions

I have ensured that the Bitbucket repo (private) is accessible and that the credentials I am using to access it are correct. I’ve worked with the plugin creator, gave him access to the repo, and he was able to successfully access it from Local…but on a Mac. I’m on a PC. Whenever Git Updater tries to reach to the Bitbucket api, it comes back with an error: “cURL error 56: OpenSSL SSL_read: No error” - I verified this with Query Monitor.

If I take that same exact API call that Git Updater is using, and issue a curl command from CLI (with my creds), it successfully returns the contents of the php file from the repo. So it works on my machine outside of Local/running site.

I am working on a custom plugin and I have verified that the repo/project is set up correctly, so I don’t think the issue is with the Git Updater plugin itself (also because the developer was able to get it working on his Local instance).


  • Create a bitbucket repo
  • Place a custom plugin php file in there (be sure to include the Bitbucket Plugin URI header pointing to the repo
  • Make sure your account has at least read access to it
  • Set up a fresh Local site instance, add the Git Updater plugin, add the Bitbucket add-on
  • Place your credentials in the Bitbucket add-on settings tab
  • Open Query Monitor, specifically watch HTTP API Calls
  • Click Save - do you see the error in the Query Monitor?

System Details

Local version 5.10.5+5403
Windows 10 Pro

local-lightning.log (14.8 KB)

Just to verify. I this does work on my Mac and the error is likely specific to the box the server is on, in this case Local on the PC.

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