Database Issue with New Local by Flywheel Update

Hey guys! I updated Local this morning and it did not restart automatically after the update. I deleted the program and reinstalled it with the latest version on the website, then it made me “Update My Environment” which just cloned my site. And now the database information cannot be found under the Database tab. When I originally setup Local to create a website this information was supplied automatically I believe. What do I fill out here in order to access my site again?

Apparently there’s something wrong with the information provided in wp-config.php file about the database.

If you go to Local Sites/site_folder/app/public/ and open the file wp-config.php that should be present there, you should see something like this:

That should be filled with the database connection information. If the file is not in the folder, or that information is not filled on the file, something went wrong with the install/import of the website.

I also just made the update in one of my websites and it went smoothly, no problems.

If you need further help, I’ll be here :smiley:

Hi @BWood,

Sorry for the bad upgrade experience with Local 2.4.1 and Preferred 1.3.1!

Please try upgrading to Local 2.4.2. It includes a fix in Preferred 1.3.2.