wp-config.php location in local folder is gone.

this happen when my computer suddenly restart and when i open the flywheel app and to start the site an error occur " Error establishing a database connection". upon searching to fix the error, the wp-config.php is not there. need help to fix this problem . thanks

Hey @candy

That definitely sounds odd. Do you know why the computer suddenly restarted? Was there a power loss, or maybe some sort of Anti-virus action that was taken?

  • What operating system do you have – Mac or Windows? What version?
  • Can you please provide your local-by-flywheel.log file? See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:

hi Ben! Thanks for taking the time, there was no power lost, i been monitoring my ram usage from task manager and notice if i open the flywheel it consume almost 3/4 of ram memory ( my computer has 4gb ram only).
Here is what happen, I open the Local Flywheel then click on the live link after that I open some browser ( fb , Gmail) and ms word then suddenly my computer just restarted. After it restarted I open again the flywheel and that’s it! "error establishing a data connection,… " something like that.

You may see other new errors in the log file now because i uninstalled the program and reinstalled the program again hoping to get new fresh installed so i can start all over again, but unfortunately the error got worst. :frowning: since I’m not a tech person i don’t have idea how it can be fix.

Pls. see attached of the log file, the problem occur around August 10,2019 around 11:00AM GMT+8 (4203 in notepad++)

local-by-flywheel.log (600 KB)

Hey @candy

I do see the errors that you mention, and it does seem like something is happening which causes the Virtual Machine to crash periodically. That would explain why the site is inaccessible after the machine crashes.

You’re theory about the computer running out of memory might be on the right track. We are working on an improved version of Local called Local Lightning, which is currently in Private Beta. This should help out in this case, since we are making Local faster by not relying on VirtualBox or Docker to help coordinate the WordPress site.

I would recommend keeping on the lookout for that release, which should help to improve the performance of things, and at the same time, should make Local more stable to use on this kind of hardware!